Solid Waste Management Equipment Cost

The wastage from commercial, residential and industrial sources are to be recycled for different purposes. The wastage contains different compounds and is not easy to recycle. Solid waste management machine helps in segregating different forms of substances from the wastage and makes them available for recycling further.

Popularity of Beston Waste Management Sorter
Popularity of Beston Waste Management Sorter

Useful Automatic Waste Segregating Machine

The organic matter, bricks, metal, plastics, stones, and other substances are segregated using various techniques in the automatic waste segregating machine, using a set of a predetermined sequence of mechanisms. This machine efficiently segregates them and turns the wastage into recyclable substances. It reduces the time required for segregation.

Components of Solid Waste Management Equipment

The main components of this machine consist of a big waste sorter, big waste crusher, bag breaking machine, and a comprehensive winnowing machine. View more info: Wastesortingmachine.Com.

Features of Automatic Waste Segregating Machine

Automatic Operation:

Devices such as a conveyor belt and uniform distributing machine help the machine in carrying out the process fully automatic. It avoids the mistakes done by manual labor and reduce the time, improves efficiency and reduces the labor.

Safe and Secure Designing

The surveillance system incorporated in the machine ensures smooth functioning and that all the processing is monitored. Any faults in the display, the running of the equipment, etc are shown by the PLC control system. It is equipped with an automatic and manual emergency switch to stop the device. And every conveyor belt has an emergency button to stop the process, which ensures safety and proper functioning.

Solid waste management plant cost
Reasonable Beston Solid Waste Management Plant Cost

Automatic Waste Sorting Process

The waste is manually separated initially and then sent to the plate feeder.

it is again sent to the conveyor belt for manual sorting of large particles which are remained like clothes, quilts, tree branches, bottles, etc. and is further sent for screening. A sieve plate helps in separating the particles into 2 parts; material which is less than 50mm passes through sieve plate and particles larger than 50mm remains on the sieve.

A hanging magnetic separator segregates the iron waste like coins, bottle caps, batteries, etc, from the waste that passed through the sieve and sends the remaining waste for composting.

The waste which remained on the sieve is sent into a breaker machine. It is then sent to winnowing machine by conveyor belt, which segregates the waste into plastics, primary heavy materials, and secondary heavy materials.

Final Products of solid waste management equipment includes plastics, organic matter, inorganic matter, clothes, branches, bottles, green waste, etc.

The machine comes in three different models, including BFX_100, BFX-200, BFX-400. All the models use household waste, municipal waste, landfill waste, industrial waste, and mining waste as raw materials.

Uses of Final Products:

1. Plastics can be recycled or converted into fuel oil and char with the help of the pyrolysis plant.

2. Organic material, by the fermentation process, can be used for generating biogas.

3. Inorganic waste like stones, construction material, etc can be converted into bricks.

4. Green waste can be recycled into briquettes and charcoal powder.

5. Metal is used in steel factories as raw material.

6. Brickbats and stones are used in brick making.

Advantages of Waste Sorting Machine

An automatic waste segregating machine uses well-advanced techniques and methods like cyclone separation, magnetic separation, bouncing separation, volume method, and proportion method.

It is environment-friendly, incurs a very low cost for processing and is highly profitable.

It reduces the land occupation by the waste and decreases environmental pollution caused by it.

Purpose of Waste Sorting Machine:

The main purpose of this solid waste management equipment is to separate wet and dry waste, then recycle the dry waste and use wet waste for different purposes.

Finally, you are supposed to get a reasonable price about this machine. The cost of the waste recycling plant for sale depends on the capacity of the machine, the quality of the product, the specifications of the machine, etc. However, customers can choose from a wide range of models depending on the size of their business.